Key contact of Education Department, Shahdol District

Sr. No. Officer Contact
1 District Education Officer 07652-245032
3 Assistant Commissioner Tribal Work Department 07652-222895

Being a tribal district majority of schools are governed by tribal work department. Schools are categorised in primary, middle, high school and higher secondary school. primary and middle schools are governed by District Project Coordinator, District Education centre and high school and higher secondary schools are governed by Assistant Commissioner Tribal Work Department. Exams are conducted by Education department

Latest latest technology latest model latest model latest version of models has been developed. In the program, the institute and the principal Mr. J. Rakshak, the director of this program, Mr. J. Rakshak, are elected members of the board of directors of this department, Interpretation of Physics Mr. Sanjay and other members Mr. A. Ansari Mr. Lal Noria ji without।
Various models by students in the Central Hall of Shahdol Polytechnic College