Covid19 Help Numbers

Global disaster corona virus Covid-19 related problems and related revenue officers can be contacted in mobile for law and order.

Additional Collector

Subdivisional Officer Revenue Sohagpur

Subdivisional Officer Revenue Details

Subdivisional Officer Revenue Jaitpur 07587966307

Subdivisional Officer Revenue Jaisinghnagar 07587966309

Tehsildar Sohagpur 07587966310

Tehsildar Beohari 07587966311

Tehsildar Jaisinghnagar 07587966313 

Tehsildar Gohparu 07587966313

 Tehsildar Budhar 07587966310 

Tehsildar Jaitpur 07440784608 

Naib Tehsildar Sohagpur N-2 07587966316 

Naib Tehsildar Sohagpur (Singhpur) 07587966317 

Naib Tehsildar Sohagpur (Amaraha) 07587966318 

Naib Tehsildar Gohparu - Khanoudhi 07587966319

 Naib Tehsildar Gohparu 07587966320 

Naib Tehsildar Jaisinghnagar 07587966321
Naib Tehsildar Beauhari (Pandund, Khand, Akhetpur) 07587966322, 

Naib Tehsildar Burhar (Dhanpuri, Khairaha) 07587966325 

Naib Tehsildar Burhar Tehsil Office 07587966326

Naib Tehsildar Jaitpur (Channaudi, Keshwahi) 07587966327