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Information about Turmeric.




Turmeric (Turmeric) This is an Indian plant, it is a plant of 5 to 6 feet growing ginger species, in which turmeric is found in the root knots. Turmeric is recognized as a miraculous substance in Ayurveda since ancient times. The names Haridra, Kurkuma, Longa, Gauri Vat Vilasani, Kumkum Turmeric have been given. Turmeric is considered an important medicine in Ayurveda.It has an important place in the Indian kitchen. Religiously, it is considered very auspicious, so the ritual of turmeric has a special significance in marriage.


Turmeric is used in the form of masala, coloring material, medicine and medicine, in addition to religious activities, its utility in medicine and domestic use is as follows. As a main element of food, it is used to enhance the taste of food, it is most useful in food, turmeric has anti-cancer properties.Turmeric is used in beauty to brighten the skin. Turmeric is used as a pain reliever in case of internal bleeding.


Farmers of district Shahdol cultivating turmeric.

Cultivable land

As soon as the first monsoon rains, the land is prepared for the cultivation of turmeric, according to the rainfall, sowing can be done from April to the first week of July.
Turmeric Seeds:- 2000 to 2500 kg/ha rhizome seed is required for the cultivation of turmeric.
Mulch:- The plants should be covered with leaves to protect them from strong sunlight and to retain moisture in the soil.

Turmeric Variety

Roma, Suroma, Saguna, Sudarshan, Prabha, Rashmi, B.S.R. Talent


Processing Unit Jaisinghnagar District Shahdol

Estimated yield of turmeric

The estimated yield of turmeric is 25 to 30 tonnes per hectare.

Turmeric names in different languages

Hindi: Haldi Bengali: Halud, Father Gujarati: Haladhar, Haldi Kannada: Arisiya Konkani: Halad Malayalam: Manjal Marathi: Halde, Halad Oriya: Haldi Punjabi: Haldar, Haladhar, Haldi Sanskrit: Haldi, Harita Tamil: Manjal Telugu: Pasupu Urdu: Turmeric

Turmeric Processing Unit Beohari District Shahdol

Turmeric Processing

After digging the turmeric, they are thoroughly cleaned and boiled in a tawa and iron pan for 45 to 60 minutes. dries up.The dried knots are polished using manual or machine pulverized drums. After polishing, 02 percent turmeric powder is added to the dry knots and then they are polished again, due to which the dried tubers become very attractive, this turmeric is available for sale in the market. Turmeric powder is made after grinding it.

Financial grant assistance

Under the Prime Minister’s Micro Fertilizers Unnayan Yojana, grant-in-aid is provided for the promotion of the main products of the district under the important scheme to make the farmers / businessmen self-dependent and to set up the production processing units.

One District One Product Shahdol


Activities of this district for promotion and promotion of the scheme

To promote and promote the above scheme, demonstration of turmeric produced, promotion of field expansion processing units through training, farmers’ entrepreneurs / self-help groups / farmers organization and organization of turmeric festival to encourage new youth on 28.04.2022 To be done in Manas Bhawan district Shahdel, in which participation of about 500 farmers has been ensured.

Contact details for turmeric sales

Patanjali Ayurved Limited

Phyto Drugs Pvt Ltd (Bhopal)

Mohan Lal Ganga Ram (Indore)

P R Agro Industries (Indore)

Adidev Industries Group, Ahmedabad (Bhopal)
Contact: 08046050878

Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Pratishthan Pvt. Ltd. (Nagpur)

Harsh Panchal Spice Association (Indore)

Matitatva Agro Industries Private Limited (Indore)
Contact: 08048989407

GKD Kasde Brother Group (Bhopal)
Contact: 08047307543

GPM Spice Products, Bangalore
Contact: 08045908152

Ramprakash Traders Dhartipur, Tikamgarh
Contact: +918048952146

Shree Krishna Products, Jhansi
Contact: 08047303893

Turmeric Powder Kadam Masala, Khandwa
Contact: 08047621409

Anurag Bothra Om Namkeen (Indore)


Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Mandideep(Raisen)
Contact: +91- 7480- 233291 / 233180,+91-7480-233651

Lupin Ltd Mandideep(Raisen)
Contact: 07480 410 800

Ipca Laboratories Ltd (Sejawta, Ratlam)
Contact:093013 89800

Government Opium & Alkaloid work Neemuch

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited Malanpur,Bhind
Contact:(+91 22) 4324 4324

Teva API India Ltd Malanpur,Bhind
Contact:075392 83151

Symbiotec Pharmalab Pvt Ltd Pithampur,Dhar
Contact:0731 667 6405

Lupin Limited Pithampur,Dhar
Contact:072924 17300

Ipca Laboratories LTD Polo Ground, Indore
Contact:0731 424 8563

Symbiotec Pharma Rau, Indore
Contact:+91-731-4201222, +91-731-6676405

Sunpharmaceuticals Limited Dewas.
Contact: (+91 22) 4324 4324 (CORPORATE OFFICE)

Unichem Laboratories Limited Pithampur Dhar
Contact:098276 53544

ThinQ Pharma ltd Pithampur Dhar
Contact:+91-22-25816800 (head office)

Enaltec Labs Pvt. Ltd Pithampur dhar
Contact:072922 58600

Medilux Laboratories Pvt. Ltd Pithampur dhar
Contact: 072924 09991

Balaji Steroids And Hormones Private Limited pithampur dhar
Contact: 0731 – 4968 886

Inven Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Kalsadakhurd, Dhar
Contact:(+91)731 4028990,(+91)731 4028991

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