Establishment Of NIC District Centre:- The NIC District Centre, Shahdol was commissioned in the year 1988. It has come a long way since its inception, in providing relentless Informatics services to the District Administration and Government Departments in planning and development. Shahdol being a backward and tribal District, the initial going was a bit tough in motivating various government departments and people therein to adopt the computer and communication culture. NIC-Shahdol has organised several training programmes to the staff of various government departments, initially, to promote the indispensable tool for the district administration. Now all the 5 blocks of District Shahdol are connected with dial-up email facility through NICNET. 49 other government departments are also connected to NICNET facility out of which some departments are connected with Local Area Network (LAN) and some are connected with dial-up through RAS Finder installed at DIC-Shahdol.


      Brief details about the Major Activities & Achievements :-

      1. Activities:-





Environment Building & Training

Environment building & training to employees for effective implementation & utilization of ICT facilities in Government & Semi-Government institutions.


Hardware Facilities

DIC has state-of-the-art hardware facilities installed. Any Government or Semi-Government institution can avail these facilities.


Software Facilities

DIC has latest Windows, Unix & Linux along with general purpose and special packages. If any organization wants to develop any application software on any platform, DIC is well equipped and well suited for the job. DIC has already computerized various processes in Collectorate and other offices.


User Assistance

DIC helps organizations in sorting out day to day problems of computerization and other ICT work likes hardware & software installation & maintenance.


Email Facilities

DIC provides email facility in NICNET domain through dial-up links to all Government offices.


LAN Management

DIC manages LAN established in the collectorate.



DIC helps in e-Governance activities in the district. DIC helps in the proper implementation of various software in the district prepared at New Delhi and Bhopal by various departments.


Video Conferencing

DIC has established Leased Line and satellite based video conferencing facility. This is being availed by various departments to interact with district level offices and intra district communication.



DIC develops web-sites for local Government offices and maintains it. Hosting of these web-sites is done on NIC's web servers.


Any Other Work

Any work for which entrusted by Collector / Government / NIC.

       2. Achievements:-

NICNET Connectivity:- The email connection has provided to 54 users of different government departments through the NICNET for their official letter correspondence. The required training has given to the concerned departments to receive and sending the emails by us. The Direc-way VSAT installed for E-mail and Internet connection. Now,to increase the efficiency of E-mail and Internet, Lease Line with 2 MBPS has installed at NIC-Shahdol. The DOP (Main Post Office) has also connected with NICNET through MLLN from NIC-Shahdol to Post Office.

Video Conferencing Studio:- There was a great need of time to have a live audio-visual connectivity through Video Conferencing and the same has established at Collectorate, Shahdol in Nov. 2004. All the Government departments are taking the benefits of this facility through direct interaction with their Senior level Officers. The Directorate Level officers take the review of different government schemes from different department regularly through VC. Every month, on first Tuesday, the Chief Minister of MP takes the VC with all District Collectors under "SAMADHAN ONLINE" programme, which is a programme related to public grievances and the applicant/complaintent also participate in this VC. Every 3rd Thursday, our Chief Secretary takes the VC with all District Collectors and District Heads under "PARAKH" programme.


Year Total No. of VC
From Nov. 2004 to Dec. 2004
Upto 24th Nov., 2007
Total No. of VC


Elections:- NIC-Shahdol done successfully all computerized work at the time of each and every election since 1988 i.e Parliamentary elections, Assembly elections, By-election, Nagarpalika election & Panchayat election.  This work includes the data entry/modification of government employees, formation of polling parties, randomization of polling parties, randomization of EVM (Ballot Unit & Control Unit separately) . The election observers and the collector have appreciated the NIC work every time.


PARAKH :- The PARAKH  s/w programme implemented in all blocks of District Shahdol and also at District Level to monitor the problems of the facility in a particular village. The data of Parakh comes upto 30th of every month from Blocks. After compilation at District Level, the same data is sent to Bhopal. The Collector Shahdol has given priority to this programme to minimize the problems to zero coming in rural and remote areas of the district. This programme has immensly helpful to solve the public problems as soon as possible.




BPL Survey Software :- This s/w programme installed on around 60 computers at District Level. The s/w installed block-wise for data entry on different computers. After successfull data entry, 150 queries (Approx.) have generated in MS-Access on combination of different points for analysis of data (For cut-off value of Below Poverty Line).





NREGA (National Rural Employment Gurantee Act) Software :- Effective monitoring of the NREGA programme necessitates computer based monitoring. This MIS s/w programme installed at Zila Panchayat and all Blocks in server-client environment. The blockwise data entry of registration, demand, work details, muster roll detail, financial detail etc. done in blocks and then the same data uploaded at NIC-Delhi Server. The same data made available online on the website




NIC District Centre has implemented the various software received from NIC-MP State Centre, from other NIC Centres and from NIC-HQ. The list of some implemented softwares are as follows:-


a)      AllIndia Education Survey (AIES)

b)       Minor Irrigation Census

c)      Khasra s/w 2.0

d)     Windows Based Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS)

e)      Windows Based Community Needs Assessment Approach (CNAA) 

f)       Bank Recovery Insentive Scheme (BRISC)

g)      Crop Insurance Software

h)      Chief Minister Management System (CMMIS)

i)         Web based Public Distribution Management System (PDMS)

j)       Agricultural Marketing Network (AGMARKNET)

k)  Computerized Payroll & Allowances

l)   Rate Analysis System (RAS)

m) Public Health Engineering Management Information System (PHEMIS)

n)  Social Security Pensioner System  (SSPS)

o)  Ex-serviceman Personnel Registration and Schemes Monitoring System (ExPress)

p)  Jandashan

q)  One Day Governance

r)  Result Processing System (RPS)

s)  Panchlekha

t)  Web Based Health Schemes Monitoring System

u)  Ruralsoft





Contact Details:-

S.No. Designation Name Postal Address E-mail Address Phone(O) Phone (R)
1. OIC Amit Lamba *,

07652-240883 -

*Postal Address :-

District Informatics Officer 

National Informatics Centre
Collectorate, District Shahdol
Madhya Pradesh, PIN-484001